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My Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

With bated breath and eager anticipation, I beseech your esteemed attention as the auspicious moment approaches to reveal the illustrious Grand Regent of our realm for 2024. Our Grand Regent has been discerningly selected, her virtue and merit shining brightly amidst the gathering of noble contenders.


As a paragon of refinement and elegance, she stands as a veritable envoy of our kingdom's grace and prestige, bearing aloft our cherished values with resplendent dignity.  Ever mindful of her sacred charge, our Grand Regent shall serve as a beacon of benevolence and compassion, her gentle hand guiding our realm with unwavering wisdom and tender care.


In these uncertain times, as we await the ascension of our Grand Sovereign, let us find solace in the noble countenance of our Grand Regent, who shall safeguard our kingdom's prosperity with steadfast resolve and unwavering devotion.  Keep watch dear lords and ladies.   The announcement shall be made forthwith!


Yours faithfully,

Melissa Stamper


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