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50% Private Interview
All delegates must possess excellent conversational skill and be able to express herself with clarity and diplomacy.  She must exude a friendly, inviting, sophisticated and informed persona.

Interview Details:  Each contestant will engage in a 7-minute individual interview with a qualified panel of 3-5 judges.  Th
e interview will commence with a 30-second self-introduction by the contestant.  Subsequently, questions will be posed to the contestant, encompassing topics from their official resume* as well as current events.  Following the questioning, the contestant will be given a 30 second window to deliver a final statement to the judges. While a time keeper will be present in the room, he or she will remain inconspicuous behind you.  All delegates will remain seated throughout the interview, with a stationary chair provided.
*A more detailed explanation of the required resume will be provided in the Delegate Handbook

25% Fashion Pant-Wear
The Fashion Wear Competition is a dynamic showcase of style, creativity, and personal expression.  In this segment, contestants will captivate the audience with their unique fashion sense and individual flair.
Details:  Style meets sophistication on the runway.  This segment celebrates the versatility and elegance of ensembles, showcasing contestants' flair for fashion and individuality.  We encourage contestants to embrace the confident and dynamic modeling style typically associated with the Miss USA pageants, rather than the more conservative approach often seen in the Miss America competitions.  This is not a traditional fashion show where stoicism reigns supreme; we want to see personality, charisma and flair on the runway.  Smiles are not only welcomed but encouraged as contestants showcase their individuality and confidence.  Let your inner monarch shine as you take the stage with grace, poise, and a touch of girl-power!

25% Evening Gown
This segment is all about showcasing your poise and style in a stunning evening gown.  Your gown should reflect your individuality
and fashion sense, so choose something that makes you feel confident and glamorous.  As you glide down the runway, remember to exude confidence and charm.  Your gown should stun under the spotlight, showcasing your silhouette.  This is your moment to shine, so make every step a statement of elegance, grace, and sovereignty.
Details:  When modeling your evening gown, envision yourself as the reigning sovereign, radiating confidence and grace as if the crown is already yours.  Walk the stage with poise and elegance, commanding attention with every step.  Your posture should be regal, with shoulders back and head held high.  Exude a sense of inner strength and confidence.  Remember, the mark of a true sovereign is the presence they carry, even without their regalia.  Embrace your inner sovereign and let your presence captivate the audience!


Maj & Hi Exquisite Beauty 
The Exquisite Beauty competition, a digital spectacle of visual splendor, shall be decided by the number of online ballots. The delegate who garners the greatest tally of votes shall emerge triumphant, basking in the glory of victory. The honored victor shall be bestowed with a special commemorative award and the prestigious honor of being crowned Maj & Hi Exquisite Beauty. Her photo will be on the cover of the inaugural program book!

Specifics:  Delegates may use the photo she submits for the delegate page/program book or may submit a different photo.  Delegates may enter as many photos as desired.  Photos should be head/shoulders and full-color.

Scoring:  This is an online voting competition and has no bearing on official scoring.

  • Official Sovereign Miss Noble State/Region Crown
  • Official Sovereign Miss Noble state/Region Sash
  • Official Sovereign Miss Program Book
  • Entry to the Regent's Reception (Plenty of surprises here!)
  • Online Welcome Packet
    • ​"The Courtier's Companion" the online Sovereign Miss Delegate Handbook
    • Official Sovereign Miss Letter to Mayor Template
    • Official Sovereign Miss Letter to Governor Template
    • Official Sovereign Miss Press Release Template
  • Official Sovereign Miss T-Shirt
  • 2 Tickets to Finals
  • A Royal Pageantry Experience Like no Other!


Maj & Hi Exquisite Beauty:  $100


Refund Policy:  SM is a self-sufficient pageant and is produced on the entry and ancillary fees submitted by the delegates.  Fees are spent on hotel venue rooms, judges' expenses, production, supplies, prizes, catering, etc.  Because of this, there are no refunds under any circumstances.

Registration Fee:  We're excited to announce that there is no registration fee to enter the Sovereign Miss Pageant. Our aim is to ensure
accessibility for all aspiring contestants. However, we kindly request that only those who are fully committed to participating follow through with their registration. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals to join us for this unforgettable experience.

  Your state regalia will not be ordered until half of your entry fee is paid.  Regalia will not be delivered until all fees are paid in full.

Fee Schedule:  All fees must be paid in full by Sunday, June 15, 2025.  Failure to remit the entry fee in its entirety by the deadline may disqualify the delegate and she will be unable to compete.  Exceptions to the deadline will be made ONLY under proven extenuating circumstances.  (Death, illness, act of god in nature, etc.)  

Program Book Ad Sales:  All delegates are required to purchase one full-page ad in the program book.  however,  Additional ads may be purchased and could qualify you for the Proclamation Queen Award. 

Full-Page (8.5x11):  $100
Half-Page (8.5x5.5):  $75
Quarter-Page (4x5):  $50
NOTE:  All delegate ad page designs are complimentary.

SM Proclamation Queen (2025 Inaugural Pageant):  This award will be given for the most full-page ads sold equaling the highest amount (over 5).  She will win a crown and sash as well as her picture on the inside front cover.  If no one sells 5 or more full page ads, this prize will not be awarded.

Required Photo Package:  Details to come from our official photographer.

Ticket Sales (2025 Inaugural Pageant):   Two Finals Night tickets will be included in your welcome packet.  We ask you to help promote the pageant by encouraging your friends and family to purchase tickets for finals, however this is not required.  Finals tickets are $25.


Maj & Hi, LLC accepts payments through PayPal.  With respect, personal checks are not accepted.  Company checks for sponsorship or ad sales are accepted.  There will be a $35 fee on all returned checks.  Delegate fee Payments can be made by way of money-orders and cashier's checks as well.  Money Orders and Cashier's Checks should be made payable to Maj & Hi, LLC. Contact us for delivery address. *Any fees sent through the mail should be mailed with a tracking number, to decrease the risk of theft or loss.


Hotel Stay:  All delegates are required to stay at the host hotel, the Crown Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Ctr.

Incidental Fee:  Each delegate should be prepared to pay an incidental fee which will be refunded to you after your stay, baring any reasons  why it should be held.   Amount, $50/day.

Pets:  Guide dogs/Service animals are allowed.
  • Pet Deposit:  $50
  • Pet Fee per Night:  $50
  • Pet walking area is available
  • Dogs only, weight limit is 50 lbs. limit of 2 dogs per room.  A non-refundable fee is required in the amount of $50 per day, not to exceed $150 per stay.  Additional fees may apply in the event damages from pet occur.  Pet agreement must be signed at check in.
  • NOTE: any mess or damaged caused by the dog is the responsibility of the contestant.  Additionally, for the comfort and safety of all attendees, service dogs are not permitted at pageant events.  It is expected that animals brought to the venue have a calm temperament and do not disrupt with loud or disruptive behavior.

Hotel Rooms:    Group Rate: $169 (Double/King)

Hotel Parking:  Complimentary daily self-parking is available.  The hotel does not offer Valet.
Hotel Shuttle:  Complimentary airport shuttle is available. This is offered 24 hours a day.  Call the hotel at 502-367-2251 for pick-up.

  • Muhammed Ali International Airport (SDF). (airport shuttle available.)
    • Bluegrass Airport (LEX)  (Airport shuttle not available to/from this location)
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