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My Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great joy and anticipation that I share with you the latest endeavor of the Sovereign Miss Pageant: the Crown Princess Sovereign competition. In this digital age, where beauty knows no bounds, we invite young ladies aged 5-14 to partake in a monthly display of elegance and charm, all from the comfort of their own abodes.

Imagine, if you will, a monthly procession of exquisite photographs, each capturing the essence of youth and grace. Our participants shall adorn themselves in their finest attire, posing with poise and dignity, as they vie for the coveted title of Sovereign Crown Princess.

But let me assure you, dear friends, that the journey does not end there. Nay, for each monthly victor shall be granted passage to the Winner's Circle, a virtual realm where the most esteemed among them shall gather in pursuit of the ultimate honor.

And what grandeur awaits the Sovereign Crown Princess, you may wonder? A luxurious stay, fit for royalty, awaits her and a cherished companion(s), throughout the duration of our noble nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, 2025. Furthermore, VIP passes shall be bestowed upon her, ensuring an experience of unparalleled magnificence with her family.

But perhaps the most exquisite moment of all shall be her coronation, held live at the 2025 National Sovereign Miss Pageant. Picture the scene: the crown placed delicately upon her head, marking the commencement of her reign, a year-long celebration of beauty and elegance.

So, my dear friends, I implore you to join us in this digital celebration of grace and charm. Submit your daughter's finest photograph, and perhaps you shall find her crowned as the Crown Princess Sovereign, a title befitting the true essence of beauty.  NOTE:  Entries will begin being accepted June 1st.  Entry fee is $50.  Each vote counts for $1. The Crown Princess Sovereign's Coronation Crown is as below.

With warmest regards and highest hopes,


Melissa Stamper


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