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ARISTOCRACY:  The distinguished winners of each age division.,  Their achievements are celebrated as they ascend to royal status, inspiring others with their accomplishments and setting the standard for excellence within the pageant community. 
COURTIER:  Esteemed contestants who participate in the Sovereign Miss competition but may have not yet achieved a specific title or appointment within the royal hierarchy. (State titleholders)
CROWN JEWELS:  The crown, the scepter, the orb, the robe, the banner, Additional tiaras and jewelry pieces to wear to various events by the Sovereign.
DIADEM:  A jeweled crown worn as a symbol of sovereignty by a monarch or a ruler.
HIERARCHY:  In Sovereign Miss, contestants compete for prestigious titles that reflect their performance and achievements in the pageant.  The Grand Sovereign is awarded to the contestant with the highest overall score, representing the pinnacle of excellence.  Winners of each age division are honored as members of the Aristocracy, showcasing their poise and grace in their respective categories.  The Heir Apparent holds the second highest overall score, poised to assume the role of Grand Sovereign if necessary.  Contestants who have earned specific titles or appointments from the Sovereign or Regent are recognized as members of the Nobility, while all participants are valued as Courtiers, contributing to the pageant's vibrant and divers community.  Together, these ranks celebrate the leadership of Sovereign Miss contestants as they vie for royal distinction and honor.
LORD CHAMBERLAIN:  Master of Her Majesty's household who oversees royal ceremonies and events.
LUMINARA:  The name of our fictional kingdom, a realm of imagination and inspiration where the Grand Sovereign reigns.  Within the context of our pageant, Luminara represents a mythical land characterized by its radiant beauty, enlightened governance, and vibrant culture.  It's a place where imagination knows no bounds and where contestants can showcase their creativity, talent and poise as they aspirer to embody the values and ideals of a Grand Sovereign.  While Luminara may be a figment of our imagination, it serves as a symbol of the limitless possibilities and opportunities that await each contestant as they embark on their journey towards the crown.
MONARCH:  A sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen or Emperor.
MONARCHY:  The Monarch and royal family of a realm.  (The Grand Sovereign and Aristocracy)
NOBILITY:  Contestants who have achieved prestigious titles or appointments bestowed upon them by the Regent or Grand Sovereign, such as awards that accompany an elevated rank from Courtier to "Dame" or "Lady".
ORB OF RENOWN:  An emblematic artifact bestowed upon the Sovereign of the realm, signifying her rightful authority and divine mandate to govern the kingdom.  It is entrusted to the Sovereign as a sacred duty to uphold the kingdom's values, protect its people and ensure a prosperous future for Sovereign Miss.
ORDER OF THE REALM:  a chain worn around the shoulders that is worn as insignia of office or a mark of fealty.
REALM:  A kingdom.  The Grand Sovereign's kingdom is "Luminara".
REGENT: In a monarchy, a regent is a person appointed to govern a state for the time being because the throne is vacant and the new monarch has not yet been determined.
REGINA:  Latin word for queen.  
ROYAL COFFER:  A chest which, traditionally, held valuables.
ROYAL COURT:  Extended royal household in a monarchy. 
(Sovereign, Aristocracy, Nobility and Courtiers)
ROYAL CREST/COAT OF ARMS:  An identifying symbol of the sovereign. (Each Sovereign will have a unique coat of arms)
ROYAL MANTLE:  A garment worn by a sovereign as a symbol of authority. (Robe)
ROYAL STANDARD:  A flag which represents the reign of the sovereign. (Each Sovereign will have a unique standard)
SCEPTER OF AUTHORITY:  A distinguished symbol of governance and leadership wielded by the Sovereign, embodying her rightful command and authority over the kingdom.
SOVEREIGN:  A supreme ruler, especially a monarch. (Overall high-point score winner)
Regality Is Our Reality!
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