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*The Sovereign Miss Regent's Mantle and Scepter:  This is a royal robe exclusive to the shoulders of the Regent or Monarch and after photos are taken, will remain in the possession of the national office.  The Scepter will also remain in the possession of the national office to be presented at the next crowning. 

**Hotel:  All SM  titleholders will be responsible for the incidental deposits upon check-in into the hotel.  SM will not be responsible for Pet Fees or any damage done to the hotel by the pet.  The Regent will be granted a single room with two beds for her and 3 other guests. 

***Multi-Pass Lanyard:  This does not include events where meals are served.  However, tickets may be purchased by your guests, upon request.

****The Order of the Realm:  This is a custom-made livery collar that will be presented to the outgoing Regent or Sovereign at the end of her reign.  It signifies the royal office she once held and can be worn at any SM national occasion.  Wearing it will grant the former regent or sovereign and one guest entry into any SM ticketed event in perpetuity (With the exception of events where meals are served).  However, tickets may be purchased upon request.  *This is exclusive to SM Monarchs.

*****Crown Jewels:  Each Monarch throughout history has boasted of a plethora of crowns and jewels to choose from to wear for any occasion.  This will be offered to the winner of the overall high-point score winner of the pageant.

******Coronation Dress Allowance:  The amount of entries in the 2025 inaugural Sovereign Miss pageant will determine the allowance for an elaborate gold and white coronation gown.  The Coronation Dress will be worn on Preliminary night as you are presented to the realm.

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